The ChessNut Air Eboard: Elevating Club Players' Chess Experience

The ChessNut Air Eboard: Elevating Club Players' Chess Experience



On our journey to enhance our chess skills, it’s crucial to adapt to the changing landscape of the game. In a world that’s rapidly going online, it’s time to reconsider our approach. While some of us may have grown up in a world without the internet, surrounded by black-and-white TVs and acoustic couplers, we believe that progress in chess happens faster and more effectively when we engage with a physical chessboard.

Training in conditions that mimic the environment where you’ll compete is essential. There’s a fundamental difference between viewing a real, three-dimensional chessboard and staring at a two-dimensional diagram on a screen. If all your training involves screens, transitioning to a physical board can be disorienting, disrupting your board vision.

In the world of chess, technology continues to bridge the gap between players of all levels. In addition, chess serves as an excellent activity to stimulate cognitive vitality. In each game, seniors engage in strategic thinking, utilizing analytical skills, and memory to predict their opponent’s moves. This cognitive exercise helps maintain mental agility, preventing a decline in cognitive abilities.

The ChessNut Air Eboard is a prime example of this innovation, offering club players a seamless blend of traditional chess with the modern world. In this blog post, we will explore why the ChessNut Air Eboard is indispensable for club players and delve into its unique features, including the vital integration with third-party software like Graham’s Driver, which connects the board to ChessBase and Fritz. We’ll also emphasize the importance of a 3D view for a richer playing experience.

The ChessNut Air Eboard: A Closer Look

I have looked into Ebaords quite a long time, even considering to go for a pricy option such as DGT boards. And then a innovative company came up with an affordable Ebaord, the ChessNut Air. The ChessNut Air Eboard is a game-changer for club players, harmoniously merging physical chess pieces with cutting-edge digital technology. Its exceptional features set it apart and make it an essential tool for club players:

1. Unparalleled Convenience and Precision

Gone are the days of manually inputting moves into your computer; the ChessNut Air Eboard does it for you in real-time, allowing you to focus entirely on your game or training or building your opening repertoire. This precision in move recording is especially advantageous for post-game analysis.

2. Enriching Learning and Analysis

For club players aspiring to improve, the Eboard is an ideal companion. It seamlessly integrates with leading chess software like ChessBase and Fritz, enabling in-depth game analysis. Explore engine-assisted analysis tools, navigate opening databases, and delve into endgame databases with ease. The level of analysis that was once reserved for grandmasters is now at the fingertips of club players, empowering them to deepen their understanding and make better decisions on the board.

3. Engaging with the Chess Engine

The ChessNut Air Eboard empowers club players to challenge themselves by playing against computer engines at varying skill levels. This feature is perfect for honing tactics and experimenting with different game plans.

4. Online Play and Global Chess Community

The Eboard isn’t just about practice; it’s about connecting with the worldwide chess community. With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you can compete online against opponents from around the globe. This is ideal for club players seeking to test their skills against diverse playing styles and strengths.

5. 3D View for a Realistic Experience

The ChessNut Air Eboard brings you back to the core of the game and off the screen. It’s a total different view and will improve your game for sure. The touch and feel of real pieces can’t be underestimated.

6. Integration with Third-Party Apps and Software

Club players can further elevate their experience by integrating the ChessNut Air Eboard with a range of third-party apps and software. Some popular options include:

  • ChessBase: Seamlessly synchronize and analyze your games in ChessBase for advanced game exploration.
  • Fritz: Play against Fritz’s powerful chess engine or receive real-time analysis of your games.
  • Arena: Enjoy a versatile chess interface with support for various engines and game analysis.
  • Lichess: A perfect integration with, enabling online play and post-game analysis.
  • Connect with the community, play online, and analyze your games.
  • WhitePawn: A versatile app that enhances your game capabilities when paired with the ChessNut Air Eboard.
  • Shredder Chess: Enhance your analysis capabilities by pairing your ChessNut Air Eboard with Shredder Chess.

To ensure compatibility with these third-party apps and software, be sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines or available adapters for your specific ChessNut Air Eboard model.

7. Graham’s Driver

Graham’s chess driver is an impressive driver designed to enhance the chess-playing experience for enthusiasts of all levels. Created by Graham O’Neill, a software developer from New Zealand, it offers compatibility with other popular chess applications, such as Fritz, Arena, LucasChess, and Shredder. With its sleek design and powerful functionality, Graham’s chess driver is a must-try for anyone looking to improve their chess skills or simply enjoy a fun game with friends I use this driver mainly for ChessBase and Fritz integration.

ChessBase and Fritz are written to use a DGT board, but with Graham’s driver will allow the Chessnut Air and Pro boards to be used with the Windows GUIs. Alt text

It will first try to connect using the USB cable and if that fails then it will try BluetoothLE. The Chessnut board can use BluetoothLE but does not need pairing to your computer. Replaying games

Using ChessBase you can also play through the moves of a saved game. Start a new game and get the board ready for white’s first move. Put the engine into Analysis mode and then load the game (for example using File > Open > Open Database). You will see the moves in the game panel. You can now play through the game using the right-arrow key, with the board’s LEDs showing the moves. You can also arrow through a set of moves and then make them all on the board.

I found this extremly helpful!

Reviews and Key Points

The ChessNut Air is a smart electronic chessboard that has garnered positive reviews for its quality and features. Here are some key takeaways from the reviews:

  • Design and Quality: The ChessNut Air boasts a solid wood frame and classic colors, delivering a visually appealing experience. Users have praised its aesthetics and overall quality. The genuine wood construction provides a delightful tactile experience.

  • Piece Recognition: The ChessNut Air offers highly reliable chess piece recognition. Every piece is identified by type and color on each square without the need to press the board. Users appreciate this feature for its natural and intuitive gameplay.

  • Compatibility: The ChessNut Air is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices

8. My ChessNut Air

I own this board sind October 2022 and it is a huge game changer for me.


I also built my DIY wooden chess set


A detailed “how to” can be found in one of my previous blogs here


In conclusion, the combination of chess and electronic chess boards is not only an intellectually enriching activity rooted in cultural heritage but also a modern companion. Through this game, seniors find challenges, joy, and social interactions, contributing significantly to a rich and fulfilling elderly life. Let us embark on the journey through the river of time with chess, embracing this wise companion enriched by the fusion of tradition and modern technology.

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