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Welcome to Senior Chess Improver!

Greetings, chess enthusiasts and fellow learners! I’m thrilled to have you join me on this exciting journey of chess improvement. Here, I’ll be sharing my personal experiences, insights, thoughts and discoveries as I strive to enhance my skills in the captivating world of chess.

Why Senior Chess Improvement Matters

Chess is an ageless game; no matter where you are in your life journey, there is always room for growth and progress. As a senior chess improver, I understand our unique daily challenges and commitments. Despite busy schedules, we can still find moments to indulge in the beauty of this ancient game and improve our understanding of its complexities. Chess as a senior is not only engaging and enjoyable but also helps improve cognitive function, strategic thinking, and social interactions, contributing to mental agility and overall well-being.

About Me

I’m a retired Microsoft Executive alumnus and former Manufacturing Executive, now enjoying my time as an amateur genealogist and chess enthusiast. After a 25-year break, I reignited my passion for chess as an adult improver in 2020, entering the competitive tournament world of correspondence chess in 2021 and proudly achieving the CCE title at ICCF and a USCF-rated chess player (actually nr. 87 in USA).

In my journey, I’ve found joy in exploring my roots through genealogy and challenging myself on the chessboard. Whether unraveling family stories or making strategic moves, I thrive on pursuing growth and discovery.

Best regards, Egbert Schroeer

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