The Road to 2200: Tournament Updates and Next Goals

The Road to 2200: Tournament Updates and Next Goals

Photo by Egbert Schroeer - Cowiche Canyon - May 2024

Hello chess enthusiasts,

I thought it was time for another blog post to share some games and learnings with you, and to update you on my progress. Officially, I have set my goal as the “Road to 2200,” which will be challenging given that I am now paired against stronger players than in the past.

Rating July 2024

That said, as of the last official calculation, I reached an ELO of 2165 for the period 2024/3-7/1/2024.

Champions League

Here are the recent games I finished in the Champions League:

  1. CL/2024/C2 Albano Rivares, Fernando - loss
  2. CL/2024/C2 Underwood, Wesley K. - draw
  3. CL/2024/C2 Pierron, Pascal - draw

Despite a system slip that resulted in an unfortunate resignation after move 2, the tournament is going better than expected. However, I have not secured a win so far. Let’s start with a detailed look at the games.

Game Analysis: Fernando Albano Rivares

After the system slip, I was distracted and not focused on my game with Fernando Albano Rivares, a true gentleman and wonderful person to play and chat with. I played a line I have played a gazillion times, but due to distraction, I blundered on my 10th move. Instead of castling, I took exd4. Oh boy, I immediately knew that was it. Additionally, I made two more inaccurate moves and could not survive against two strong bishops.

This game clearly shows that in chess, you need to stay focused. A momentary lapse in concentration can lead to a critical mistake, as seen in my 10th move. Always keep your head in the game!

Game Analysis: Wesley K. Underwood

An interesting game where I followed my strategy to use uncommon lines and create a complicated position with move 6, and got out of theory by move 9. However, Black played very smartly, and after move 22, I agreed to a draw because I didn’t find any breakthrough. But check it out, I might be wrong. Let me know your feedback or leave a comment.

Game Analysis: Pascal Pierron

An interesting game where Pascal played very well. With move 19, I realized I had played the same position recently. Due to preparation in such a tournament, I thought it was a good idea to change gears and take a different route. However, I was behind and thought I could lose the game. I managed with 6 best moves and Pascal with 2 inaccuracies to catch up and reach a draw position.

I still have four games to go, and I hope to secure at least one win. Our team, FSB Thuringia I, is currently ranked 7th out of 15.

Amici Sumus

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