Week 5

Puzzle of the Week

This week puzzle I like to share is from the Peace Open “Amici Sumus” tournament. The International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) organized this tournament to foster friendship and respect among players. The entry fee was donated to support Ukraine. The tournament commenced with 45 groups, each comprised of 13 players, resulting in a remarkable total of 585 registrations spanning 55 countries. And prominent titelholders didn’t hold back and joined the tournement. The tournament was organized by Jörg Kracht, NTTC.

Cristian Dario Ramos - Lothar Ziechaus

Game of the Week

I recently bought Voktor Moskalenko’s book “The Perfect Pirc - Modern” 10 years later new edition. So I thought I share this game to learn from. White loses with move 16. but even without this it’s a great game.