Week 11

Puzzle of the Week

The Werder Bremen chess club - yes, there is also a soccer team - is already 125 years old this year.

In it’s celebrating tournament there is a diverse field of participants – with grandmasters from India, Australia, Ukraine as well as the best chess players from France. There are also young talents like twelve-year-old Christian Glöckler (double European champion in rapid and blitz chess in the U12) as well as older players like 70-year-old Rainer Knaak (a multiple GDR champion and once the youngest grandmaster in the world, but also a reigning grandmaster Senior team world champions).

With which combination did Rainer use to conquer at least the queen in the 1985 match against the Hungarian András Adorján (he even checked checkmate in the game)?

In case you need it, Fritz is giving you hints.